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Lost weird eateries: The Stallion, Taco Flats, Jake's, San Jacinto Cafe, Pato's Tacos, Griff's (which actually had Shit on a Shingle on the menu), El Carnivore (home of the Krock Tron Gulls), Shanghai Charlie's, Soyawannaburger, Fritz's (where the stuffed animal heads on the walls gazed upon their lower halves on your plate), Mad Dog & Beans, GM Steakhouse (on the Drag), Satva (the almost-free veg cafeteria that was in the Lutheran then Jewish student centers).

"The Dead Club Crawl" - Austin Chronicle article by Ken Lieck on those music venues of yore.

Saturday Morning Fun Club - If you were in Austin and around UT in the early '70s and have brain cells left, this site will take you back on the wings of paper airplanes.

The Armadillo World Headquarters - Return with us to those thrilling days of yesteryear.

Vulcan Gas Company - Return with us to those earlier thrilling days of yesteryear.

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Chronicles of Weirdness - Memories, dreams, reflections of life in Austin. Charles Kuralt with long hair or a Mohawk. You are required to submit yours.

Spamarama - This signature event ended in 2007, thanks to the corporate turds at Hormel in -- really -- Austin, Minnesota.

Satan's Cheerleaders - A sadly disbanded wholesome gaggle of devil-worshippin' dancing fools.

The Self-Inflicted 30 Films in 30 Days Festival - This wasn't watching films; it was creating them. Not too surprising this didn't last.


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