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  These can be extravagant and self-aware. They can be small and unassuming. Suggestions encouraged


Leslie Cochran - the iconette of Austin. (Sadly Leslie struted off this mortal coil on March 8, 2012.)


Austin Lounge Lizards

Lizardman - another kind of lizard. Local guy devolving into cuddly reptile


Human Marvels - a cute couple

Texas Roller Girls
Lone Star Rollergirls

The ghost of Joanie Weston lives on. How many towns have 2 female roller derby leagues?

Dorkbot - Techo-nerds with odd tendencies.

Fruit sculpture - Donna Pardue's use of apple's rivals that of the snake in the garden.

Flatfork Studio
Great yard art, oversized commercial scultpures, ceramics

flat fork studios

HUG - A scary music group (with recipes!)



Cathedral of Junk - The pinnacle of Austin oddity. This massive structure is made all the weirder by being in the backyard in a seemingly normal residential area. The mad genius artist, Vince Hanneman, began this in 1989. It's his personal home so do not just drop by.  Use the contact in the link, above, to check on availability. A donation when you visit is your ticket through the Pearly Gates.

cathedral of junk

Hope Outdoor Gallery - This homegrown site is at the 1100 block of Baylor Street. Perhaps the best contribution to Austin weirdness in the past decade.

Graffiti Park 

Oat Willie's - Helping Austin avoid reality for over 40 years. Onward through the fog!

South Austin Popular Culture Center
1516 South Lamar Blvd
Austin Tejas 78704
phone 440-8318

Museum of Natural and Artificial Ephemerata - A treasury of stuff that may exist.  The visiting hours may or may not exist too. Highly recommended.

Neverlandia - A hallucination of a home. Beautiful, handmade, eco-friendly South Austin gem. The owner also does great beadwork.


Ginny's Little Longhorn - A great bar at 5434 Burnet. Chickenshit Bingo on Sunday afternoons is not to be missed. Great live music too.

Dart Bowl
5700 Grover Ave., 452-2518
All bowling alleys are good.  This one also has a fantastic collection of bowling kitsch and a cool cafe (cheese enchiladas with fresh homemade dinner rolls recommended).

Polka Dot Lawn - from the recent past, revived in 2005. A masterpiece.

polka dot lawn

Mr. Poole's house on East M.L. King



KOOP Radio, 91.7 (especially "The Lounge Show" on Saturdays, 10-noon)

Alex Jones - Crackpot conspiracies a go go.  Entertaining, wacky theories about government that may be true.

KAOS radio - Yikes

Keep Austin Stupid - A very focused movement.

Gorilla on W. Lynn (see our home page)

Mosaic bridge on El Paso Street - A beautiful guerilla art project straddling Bouldin Creek. By cool artist Stefanie DiStefano. Check out her other art on that web site.

Austin Yard Art - A collection of oddities.

Christmas lights on W. 37th St.

Peter Pan Miniature Golf - Riverside at Lamar. Much better sculpture than Umlauf.

Nau's Enfield Drugs. The time machine perfected. The lunch counter, the odd candy collection, the knicknacks. W. 12th at West Lynn

Dry Creek Saloon. Where time doesn't exist. Space may not either considering the seediness of this dive and the mansions surrounding it. On Mount Bonnell Road.


 Austin Art Car Parade - This seems to come and go. Why isn't Austin a leader in this important field?

Dirty Car Art - Not strictly Austin, but nearby.Amazing dust "paintings." Makes one ambivalent about rain.
Dirty's on Guadalupe. Where the burgers are shiny  enough to use as mirrors. It's been a tad tarted up, but still a gem.

The Carousel Lounge - The usual hillbilly Rat Pack circus sort of place. On E. 52nd St.

Lala's Little Nugget - A swell bar on Justin Lane with year-round Xmas decor.

Coffee Houses (a particularly fertile field). A couple of personal faves:
 - Flightpath Coffee (Duval St.)
 - Spider House  Also a bar. On Fruth, just north of UT. - A local business that truly understands the workplace.

Sparky Park - A pocket park in Hyde Park (3701 Grooms) with fantastic art walls.


 Esther's Follies - going for over a quarter of a century.

Yard Art:



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If you know of something weird that needs to be photographed and you can't or won't, tell us and we'll check it out.
It can be something small, like a good store sign, or something large, like Spamarama.
You can also send nominees to the KAW Cemetery of Weirdness Past.



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