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Web sites by locals (ex pats also) that contribute to Austin weirdness.
Plus some that aren't related to our town but deserve mention due to their surpassing qualities. - Done by the same mastermind who did the basic design of Keep Austin Weird. Captures the entirety of the human experience.

GroupTeam Partnerships- Finally a corporation for the rest of us.

Bob Wade - Great local artist. Creator of giant sculptures, doctored photos, odd objects.

Flaming-O Ranch - Excellent ceramic artist in the heart o' 78704. Be sure to see the city bridge she decorated on El Paso Street, a few blocks east of S. 1st.

Heaven Hell Purgatory - At last a religion that lets you pick your own destination. From a former Austinite.

Despair - An Austin web business that captures the real world of work

TikibarTV - Get your fez on

Pooing in Austin - A blog on local toilets.

Non-Austin but worthy.

Weekly World News - The only paper that's willing to speak the truth, goddamit.

The Onion - All the news that's fit to download.

Church of the Subgenius - For your spiritual needs

Weird New Jersey - The good kind of weird..

All Vegetable Orchestra - We all knew the Austrians were wacky, but this one gives new meaning to the Sound of Music.

Superbad - Suddenly it all makes sense. - Your kind of music. "We Like the Moon" is particularly recommended. - All sorts of brainy stuff. 

Futuro House - All the way from Finland...or maybe another galaxy.  The house of tomorrow. - Games, videos, oddities that make you feel about 8 years old.




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updated April 2016