Sans Magique

Tous les prixes sont negotiable


Blue Corn Smut with Vodka Hackberry Sauce

Mocha-Glazed Oxtail Pizza with Sun-Dried Mediterranean Gravel

Unborn Caviar and Flying Squirrel Roe

Chevre Rolet with a 386 Milled Head and Dual Carburetors

Braised Mixed Field Hands in Curdled Lhasa Apso Saliva

Soft Money Crabs in a White Wine Condescension

Mixed Greenbacks, with Krugerrand Croutons


Hill Country Poor People in Silly Hats Made of Arugula

Wild Baby Lamb Trapped by an Englishman Wearing A Pith Helmet and Drowned in Champagne Beet Sauce

Broken-Back Ribs, with Garnished Wages

Undraped Ordelon with Blue Potatoes Shaped Like Central American Dictators

Solar-Baked Eels Stuffed, with Balsamic Waffles and Grits Drenched in Chardonnay Karo Syrup

Crisped Quail Beaks, with Twice-Chewed Baby Fennel Radicchio Endive Watercress
Chicory Kale Escarole Swiss Chard Chutney

Sentient Veal in False Morel Raspberry Mint Sludge Served over Dried Wild Risotto
with Saffron Porcini en Papillote

Sauteed Vegetarians, Assuaged with Guiltless Prevarications

Sirloin of Ancient Redwood Roasted over Redwood with Redwood Compote

Still-beating Heart of a Minimum-Wage Worker, with Fire-Roasted Bus Tokens and Resoled Shoe Leather


Chocolate Incontinence

Lime Disease Sorbet

DentuCreme Brulee

Stuckey's Divinity in Durian Zest Marsala Custard

Assorted Currencies, with Gold-dusted Greenspan Dandruff



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updated 1 april 2002