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Like any given intersection downtown, we are under construction.
Drive by again soon to experience a new traffic pattern.

KAW is meant to be a portal into Austin weird.
It needs your contributions.


We have several areas for you to submit to:

  • Current Weirdness - Send us places, people, things, and stories of things that are still around.

  • Cemetery of Weirdness - We gather here to honor those who came before us. We are only as odd as we are because we stand on the shoulders of giant weirdos.

  • The Unweird - Rise up against those who would make us be like them.

  • Links - Send us web sites of, by, about weirdness, especially those related to Austin, but we're open to a bigger world.
If you can send pictures too, great.  If you can't, tell us and we'll check it out and photograph it.

Drive Friendly!

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updated 1 april 2002