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Big Box stores. They grow out of the ground like monster fungi, yet uglier. The latest one to invade central Austin at Northcross Mall on Anderson Lane.

big box bleech

Roger Beazley Mazda, in May 2004, started offering a pickup truck with a "Keep Austin Weird" package. ("Free T-shirt with a test drive!")  If only it were true:  truck bed filled with peanut butter Jell-o, water balloon cannon, strobe light headlamps...

"Make Austin  Normal" - This guy actually sells crap that says "I Love Big Box Stores" and "Buy from Chain Stores."  According to John Kelso's Austin American-Statesman article, he means it.

Houses like this

Crassholes - Gary Bradley is frat president of this pack


Overly snooty restaurants. See sample menu.

Motor vehicles like this.



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updated April 2016